It’s as easy as SERVE, EARN, SPEND

SERVE as a volunteer at any Nonprofit in Iowa.

EARN two servons (worth $5 each) for a total of $10 for each hour you volunteer.

SPEND your servons on highly desirable products or services from local Merchants OR you can donate your servons to your favorite Nonprofit. By donating them, you are now “doubling the good” – once by volunteering and again by donating your servons.

Top Offers

Have a Fridley Theatre on SERVONS!

Fridley Theatres

Get TWO large soft drinks and TWO small popcorns.

Cost: $21 $16 + 1 SERVONS

Savor the Steel Magnolias

Des Moines Playhouse

Double the Good and save $15 off two adult tickets to Steel Magnolias.

Cost: $72 $57 + 3 SERVONS

Buddy Bounce!

Get Air Trampoline Park

2 hours for 2 people on our trampolines and more!

Cost: $50 $40 + 2 SERVONS

It's Zoo Brew Time!

Blank Park Zoo

Double the Good and save $10 off two admissions.

Cost: $28 $18 + 2 SERVONS

Your Home for Family FUN!

Plaza Lanes

1.5 hours of Pizza Bowl – up to 6 persons incl. shoes, large 1-topping pizza & pitcher of soda.

Cost: $65 $45 + 4 SERVONS

Little Monkeys Play Zone!

Monkey Joe’s

Double the Good with 2 weekend admissions + $20 in food & drinks.

Cost: $42 $32 + 2 SERVONS

Be a Winner - Save $$!

Three Winners

40,000 coupons from McDonalds, Dominos, Dunkin Donuts, DQ,  and hundreds more.

Cost: $20 $10 + 2 SERVONS