Many of you reach out to the homeless, the hungry, and those who’ve fallen on hard times by volunteering at your place of worship or favorite nonprofit.  We thank you for your service.  Unfortunately, only one in four Americans volunteered at a local nonprofit last year.

Surely, we can do better.


SERVONS is a very big idea that will disrupt the business of volunteerism. SERVONS  connects-the-dots between thousands of local nonprofits seeking volunteers and millions of socially conscious individuals  looking for something meaningful to do. SERVONS also assists merchants keenly interested in targeting their products or services to those millions of socially conscious individuals.

Our SERVONS Rewards Program is the first ever loyalty program for nonprofits that rewards existing volunteers and stimulates “first timers” to volunteer at a nonprofit. It’s as easy as Serve, Earn, Spend ­- SERVE at an affiliated Nonprofit. EARN two servons (each worth $5)  a total of $10 for each hour you volunteer. SPEND your servons on highly desirable products or services from local affiliated Merchants as offered in a Deal offering discounted prices.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – provide a better way to connect good people to good causes, build a socially conscious worldwide business, and generate strategic value for our investors.

Our Vision

Helping others nurtures compassion, kindness, caring, sharing and is the secret to real happiness.  We, Steve Schott and Jim Phillips, Co-Founders of SERVONS, believe volunteerism is the highest of ideals to strive for in today’s globally inter-connected society.  Our ambition is to inspire, energize and motivate millions of “first timers” and those who have volunteered in the past to make a new or renewed commitment to volunteerism.

Double the Good – Donate your Servons to your Favorite Nonprofit

As a Member, you have the choice to spend your servons on Deals that SERVONS provides for you for valuable goods or services OR you can donate all or part of your servons to your favorite Nonprofit. Double the Good – once by volunteering and again by donating servons to your favorite Nonprofit to help them purchase local products or services to expand their mission.

Let’s Do More Good Together

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