Member Benefits

Membership is FREE.  Receive two servons worth $10 ($5 each) for every hour you volunteer at your favorite Nonprofit. The more you volunteer, the more servons you earn. Redeem your servons on Deals for products and services offered by local Merchants. Go to View Deals and check them out. You can Double the Good – once by volunteering and again by donating your servons to your favorite Nonprofit. Go to Your Profile and select a Nonprofit to donate your servons.

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Nonprofit Benefits

Signing up with SERVONS as a Nonprofit is FREE. Promote  your volunteer opportunities on our website, including ongoing volunteer opportunities and special opportunities. Receive donated valuable servons from our Members so you can do more good in the community.

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Merchant Benefits

Become a partner and offer Double the Good SERVONS Voucher Deals and Door Buster Deals to attract new customers. Increased traffic and sales at your business. Create a buzz with word-of-mouth advertising about your business. Support volunteerism in your community.

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